The offer of PERSONAL restart

Your personal RESTART is real and binding for us. Our offer is functional and consistent. We count on a common high commitment, determination, will and time allocation. We are aware of the above-standard and VIP nature of the service with the corresponding financial demands. The Restart program can be seen as an investment in yourself, your surroundings and the future. The VIP-restart service is optional and not intended for everyone.

CONDITIONS to attendance:

  • Credibility and depth of self-determination to restart
  • Interest in discovering the unknown (outside and inside)
  • Courage to cross the personal comfort zone
  • Reserved time in the range of several tens of hours, even whole days
  • Participation in the program for several weeks to months
  • Determination to invest units to tens of thousands of EUR in your restart

Warning: It is necessary to perceive that during the process of personal restart, changes will occur that will affect you and your surroundings.