The offer of COMAPNY restart

Your company RESTART is binding, real and feasible for us. Our offer is consistent and functional. We count on a common high commitment, determination, will and time consuming. We are aware of the above-standard and VIP nature of the service with the corresponding financial demands. The Restart program can be seen as an investment in yourself, the company, employees and the future. The VIP-restart service is optional and is not intended for everyone or every company.


  • Credibility and depth of self-determination to restart
  • The courage to discover something unknown
  • Willingness to cross personal and corporate comfort zones
  • Dedicated time in the range of tens to hundreds of hours, even whole days
  • Participation in the program for several months
  • The determination to invest several tens to hundreds thousand of EUR in the company restart

Warning: It is necessary to perceive that during the process of company restart, changes will occur that will affect you, the company and employees.

Warning: We do not run a standard consulting business, you will not hear our advice, but you will feel personal support within the art of company restart. Our service is exclusive and we consider it a real art.