Company restart

Welcome in the opportunity

to revive your company (organization, structure, business).
Use one of the standard company restart programs:

  • Restart vision
  • Restart strategy
  • Restart inner atmosphere and motivation
  • Restart of the management
  • Restart of projects and processes
  • Complex restart of the company

The company restart service can be ordered only by the owner, director or statutory board. Restart is implemented as a personal support of the top management. We are not consultants as usual in business, but providers of the unique art of restart, the unique art of recovery. Depending on the situation, we can implement the service partially hidden.

We provide the restart personally, systematically, individually, confidentially, seriously, kindly and truthfully. We work mainly with selected top management. The service is provided exclusively for serious applicants aware of the value of their company and the benefits of a company restart. Each restart program lasts several days, and includes several hundred hours of personal support, integration, and subsequent consulting time. Programs can be combined and customized.