About us

We are the artists of life. Petr, Tomáš, Petra, Marek, Klára, Pavel and Lenka. We do what we can, entertain and fulfill us. At the same time, we do it differently than others. Our programs are original in method, depth and functionality. We are breaking waves of unrest, pain and problems. We work systematically to the heart of the matter. Our restart programs are individualized and not subject to any beliefs, dogmas or schemes.

VIP restart programs are based on advanced communication, understanding, discovery, structuring, thinking, emotions and perception. It is all in a range and quality greater than usual.

VIP restart programs are inspired by many directions and areas of human knowledge, but are not subject to any usual standard, school, tradition, therapeutic, managerial or coaching directions. We work freely, and always as best we can.

VIP restart programs are confidential. Trust is an important virtue for us. Don’t look for us on social networks like Facebook, we don’t publish or work with likes and shares. We do not operate in public. We do not send newsletters and do not create email databases. We do not organize seminars or mass events. We do not collect personal names or addresses. We do not give or request any references. We act directly, honestly and discreetly.

VIP restart programs are independent. They are not subject to any person, organization, corporation, group or company. We are not responsible to anyone but you and ourselves. We are artists in a restart of ideas and opportunities.

Our primary values ​​are: originality, truth, kindness and family.

Our vision of restart is aimed at important people and organizations. Who feels the need for a real personal or corporate restart, is heading to us.

Our programs are represented by Petr J. Rudzan (the only contact person and real name you will meet).

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Restart is an obvious path of transformation. I want to act responsibly and I need more serious information.
We serve through VIP-restart.com and VIP-restart.cz