Restart opens new possibilities

We are bringing energy, change, thoughts, ideas and opportunities

We do restarts
and recoveries


Restart your private life


Restart your company and business

Open the door

„Restart is the Opportunity“

We revive what’s stuck. We’re heading for the center. We shed light on what is confusing. We improve what is obsolete. We make visible what is not visible. We are expanding the limits of what is possible. We find your way out of the maze. We release what is tangled. We turn chaos into order. We turn hope into a plan. We create reality from the plan. We revive thinking, open feelings and realize opportunities.

Touch of restart

VIP-restart is an art,
a special skill and opportunity.

We provide the art of living life and process management. We are artists in the field of knowledge and change. Our service cannot be described in the usual words or techniques.

We provide a restart personally, systematically, individually, confidentially, seriously, kindly and truthfully. These are our obvious values.